While everyone else hides their pricing behind an inquiry form, or has packaging that’s overly complicated - I got you. Learn more about me, the way I approach weddings, and of course, pricing, all in this simple little booklet. Click the button below.

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If you're inquiring about a wedding and you already know a few basics, I'd love to hear about them! A venue or general location and a date is the most helpful, and also whether you're planning an elopement or a bigger wedding.

If you're inquiring about an engagement session or something similar, locations you might have in mind are good to know as well as dates you're considering.


How do you backup photos?

Equipment Questions

What camera gear do you use?

I believe any artist can tell a story using even the cheapest gear, but nice equipment definitely matters when it matters. That said, I shoot exclusively with Leica. For the camera nerds out there, I use Leica SL2-S mirrorless bodies, Leica APO lenses, a Leica Q2 and two other Leica's for 35mm and instant film. No amount of money could buy better cameras to photograph your wedding than these.

One thing that separates experienced photographers from newcomers is how well your photos are backed up. I always shoot with two high-quality SD cards in each camera that both get written to separately. Then each card is imported to two separate databases, and everything is backed up to two separate clouds. The world could burn and your photos will still be around.

Workflow Questions

Why don't you charge for travel?

When can I expect my photos?

It depends on the time of year, but overall, about 6-8 weeks. I have a one-week turnaround option in the price book you can order. I try to send a few previews within a week or so if time permits, depending on the workload and the season. It's less time in the winter, and in the fall can sometimes creep into 9 weeks for big weddings, but this is really rare.

I don't charge travel fees for wedding packages. Period. USA, worldwide, where ever. Why? Simply this - I love traveling and value it more than a few hundred bucks in added travel fees. It doesn't mean I'll take every opportunity to photograph a wedding far away - I also love sleeping in my own bed after a wedding - but it's one of the best things when travel and photos intersect.

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