June 5, 2019

Coffee Shop Engagement Sesh at Captain + Stoker

My daily beverage intake: coffee, water, beer. Well, and whiskey in the winter. But it’s June, so the scotch bottles are currently tucked away in the closet waiting for rain and sweater weather. Out of those three, coffee is the one I’m most enthusiastic about. Heck, it’s responsible for this very post making its way to the internet at just a hair past midnight.

Whenever I’m traveling in a new city, the first thing I use as a catalyst for exploration is the hunt for good coffee. In Reykjavik, the place to go is Reykjavik Roasters. In San Sebastian, it’s Sakona Coffee Roasters. If you’re in Kyoto, head to Good Time Coffee. It’s amazing. BUT, if you’re in my neck of the woods, Captain + Stoker is the coffee shop you absolutely must visit. The vibe is on point, clearly, but even better is the coffee. It’s superb and worth whatever detour needs to be made to make a visit possible.

Lesley and Nitin and I were chatting about possible engagement shoot ideas and they mentioned how much they loved Shomik and Xixi’s engagement shoot at Flywheel Coffee in San Francisco. Naturally, I suggested a shoot at Captain + Stoker. They agreed. Proof below. We also spent an hour roaming around a hidden little spot in Carmel near the beach where, funny enough… in June… it was scotch weather.

Hit play before heading south.