July 26, 2016

Downtown LA Engagement

David and Megan’s downtown LA engagement shoot was a ton of fun for me. It had all the ingredients. It started with grabbing a pint  at a trendy little pub with David and Megan – never a bad start to any shoot… And then we roamed all around DTLA. After about an hour of shooting, we split toward the El Matador beach in Malibu. We left with plenty of time before hitting that lovely L.A. traffic.

I started to panic a bit, thinking we might run out of light by the time we arrived. It was one of those moments I wished we had a helicopter to soar over the highway chaos. We got there though with about 15 minutes of pre-sunset light to spare. It’s funny… after all that stressing, some of my favorite photos were the ones AFTER the sun had set – when the moon came out offering up it’s faint white glow – free to mix with the golden California sunset.