July 7, 2017

Sutro Baths and Coffee Shop Engagement

I’m writing this in July, a few days after photographing Shomik and Xixi’s wedding, which shows how behind I am on publishing (ref. Christmastime garland in the first photo below for proof)… Let’s call this their Ferry Building + Flywheel Coffee + Golden Gate Park + Sutro Baths engagement shoot. We basically roamed all over San Francisco on a day that couldn’t have had better light. Their engagement shoot is a great example of what I love doing: visiting places they call special. Places of meaning and significance that have a connection to their story as a couple. Nothing against pretty photos on a mountain, I’m a sucker for those anytime, but shoots like these are super great for a different reason. The coffee shop is where they studied together, the park is where they took walks… I have to imagine theres something special about looking back on those places years later and remembering what it was like meeting each other and dating when they lived in SF.

OK enough of me rambling. Enjoy these Christmastime photos published in July.