January 29, 2019

Rainy Big Sur Wedding at Deetjens Inn

Peter and Evan’s Big Sur wedding at Deetjens Inn had the three ingredients all weddings need to fit into that Perfect Wedding bucket.

The first is obvious to some but not to most – the people. They bucked the tradition of inviting out of obligation as most (including Megan and I) so often do. They filled their small wedding with the love and support of those in their very closest circle of family and friends.

The next – the location. I don’t mean this in the way you may expect. Location doesn’t need to be beautiful or epic in order to make a wedding perfect. It just needs to be meaningful. Evan and Peter both consider Big Sur their place of peace – their sanctuary and retreat from the exhaustion routine can often manifest. They chose Big Sur because it’s special to them.

The third and last component: reaction to the unexpected. It’s affects us all everyday, this dissonance between expectations and reality. It’s happening to me even as I write this. I sat down to spend just a few minutes writing something quick, and 30 minutes later find myself rambling about what makes a perfect wedding. I’ll put off emails for a little longer… Anyway. I’ve never been to a wedding where things go precisely to plan. There are variations of this, of course. Some unexpected issues are minor and involve little effort to correct, others however, are things that threaten to derail a wedding altogether. I’ve seen everything along this spectrum. No wedding is impervious to things going awry.

For Peter and Evan, this was the weather – the rain that threatened to soak their intimate little gathering. They had two choices and made the correct one. We chat about the impending rain; and after encouraging them to invest in clear umbrellas, they went to Target and cleaned them out. Together we were set on making this wedding look incredible. They chose the path that led to optimism. Rather than dwell on the thing that didn’t go as planned, they set their sights on and celebrated the things that did.

I could go on and on, but I think it’s about time to stop rambling and instead refer you to the photos. Their wedding was incredible. I took some photos to help prove it.

Click play, scroll for feels.