May 19, 2024

Sun Soaked Deetjens Big Sur Elopement

Here we go fam! Geoff and Katie’s Deetjens Big Sur elopement 👏🏻

I’ve written about my low key obsession with Deetjen’s a ton over the years, mostly on instagram but lots here too. It’s kind of OG Big Sur. Lots of newer hotels, inns and cabins have popped up since Deetjen’s was first built, but few of them can channel the raw Big Sur energy like this ethereal place does.

The cabins are simple. They’re humble. The redwoods on property are ancient and have born witness to untold number of vows. Such a sacred, special place for so many incredible humans.

Geoff and Katie flew in from North Carolina, just after a massive storm rolled through the coast here. I coincidentally photographed another wedding just a few days before, also here at Deetjens, and for being the same week and the same place, the two days couldn’t look more different. I’m working on posting the rainy day too, which was so sweet and special and had all those winter misty vibes, but for Katie and Geoff’s version of Deetjen’s, it’s sun-soaked California in the most meme way. I’m so thankful they got this weather too after flying all the way here for it.

Anyway, haha enough about weather, I guess it’s worth noting though how wild the swings can be in the spring here. Actually, if you’re thinking about eloping in Big Sur, check out this Big Sur elopement guide, specifically the part on weather. Overall it’s incredible here but there’s definitely some months where flexibility is helpful.

OK OK, done rambling about Deetjens and how epic it is and how you should probably let me take your photos under its trees, ha. I’ll let the photos from their elopement here do the work.

And as always, these are just a handful of my favs, but feel free to dive into all the photos from their Deetjens Big Sur elopement here.