October 6, 2017

Iceland Elopement at the Black Church in Búðir

When two wedding photographers from the Netherlands email and ask you to shoot their Iceland elopement in Budir, first check your pants to make sure you didn’t soil them, and then say YES. These two flew over from the Netherlands to get married in this magic dreamland of a country and then spent the next several days adventuring and exploring. Pretty epic way to start a marriage.

Up until this point, Robin and Dominique had only been “this couple I’m shooting in Iceland”, with dozens of emails and Instagram messages exchanged but still not having met in person. When we finally arrived in that parking lot next to the black church in Budir – after a year of planning and putting this together – it was like meeting old friends even though it was for the first time. Instagram and it’s way of connecting people is something I don’t think I’ll ever get used to. It’s possible to have friends you haven’t yet met and I kinda love that.

Robin and Dominique, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me drag you all around the Snæfellsnes peninsula, taking photos that up until this point I could only dream of. It’s a humbling affair to be asked by any couple to photograph their wedding, but when asked by a fellow wedding photographer… it’s a level of humility and thankfulness that’s difficult to explain.

All the praise to Judith Slagter for putting together an amazing set of flowers for Dominique and for being so good at throwing petals at the end of ceremonies. Your work made these photos beautiful. Domique’s dress and things are from Daughters of Simone and Wild At Heart Bridal. Check them out for all the inspo.

It’s still so surreal that I’m about to click publish and send a wedding shot in Iceland into the interwebs.


Hello! I just came across your website looking for information on the Black Church in Budir. We are looking to elope Dec. 2019. Can you please explain how it works with your travel and pricing for this time of year if you are available.

Sent you an email just now 🙂