February 14, 2022

Kenoza Hall Elopement in The Catskills

Well hello hello! You’ve landed on one of my most favorite elopements of all time. Allison and Alex’s Kenoza Hall elopement in the Catskills, in the middle of upstate New York, is Part 1 of their wedding journey. The second happened a year later at the Mission Ranch in Carmel, California. Definitely check that one out too, but start here for the origin story.

Basically, like so many other couples who planned weddings in 2020, they had to postpone to 2021. They lived in Chicago at the time and had the flexibility to roam around. So they loaded up the camper van and hit the road without much of a plan. Dream right there. They called me up to fill me in on the postponement, but also wanted to see what it might look like to photograph their elopement at a place TBD.

It was an obvious heck-yes-count-me-in situation. A classic HYCMIS.

Flights were booked and off I went to meet them in the middle of the Catskills, just an hour-ish outside Hudson, New York. I got there a couple days before and had never been in a worse rain storm than I was there. Unbelievable amounts of water fell from that August sky. Concern grew. …and then the wedding day came and literally perfect weather. I’m not exaggerating a single bit. It was like… perfect. Proof below.

Anyway, they got married at this renovated hunting lodge on Kenoza Lake called Kenoza Hall, and because of covid struggles in New York, pretty much had the entire place to themselves. It was so beautiful. I wanted to stay there for as long as I could afford.

Alex and Allison – I live for honest moments of romantic spontaneity like this. I am so damn thankful you let me join in on the fun. I’ll never forget it. You two are incredible humans and make this world amazing.

Hope the rest of you enjoy this little Kenoza Hall elopement. Scroll south and enjoy.

And as always, here’s a link to all the photos delivered to these two in case you can’t get enough of this highlight reel.