January 16, 2017

Summertime Lake Tahoe Elopement

Matt and Lindsey’s Lake Tahoe elopement was as idyllic as ever – but almost wasn’t. There were forest fires in the weeks preceding their wedding in the mountains nearby, and as a result, the entire Tahoe basin was socked in with smoke so bad visibility was nearly zero. The roads were empty. What’s normally a super busy tourist town was an absolute ghost town.

No tourists. Empty forests. We basically had the lake to ourselves.

On the day of their wedding though, the winds shifted, the smoke plume left and all that remained was an actual perfect day. Their family and closest people flew in from all over to watch them dedicate their lives to each other, perched on a dock overlooking the lake. After the ceremony, we roamed around the forest, took a few moments to chill and have a beer, and then hopped on a boat for a sunset lap around the lake. Pretty perfect ending to an already amazing day.

Matt and Lindsey, you only had a few people witness your wedding and one of them you invited along was me. That’s such a humbling thing… to be apart of someone’s most memorable day. Thank you thank you thank you.

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