March 24, 2020

Maui Elopement at Baby Beach

Let’s continue the tale from Yana and Jonathan’s engagement shoot …welcome to Day 2 of their Maui elopement weekend. Where. to. begin… I’ve been to Hawaii a solid handful of times leading up to this – a few times to Oahu, a wedding the spring prior to this in Kauai – and the biggest takeaway from all these trips was that the weather here changes so fast and so often.

We planned on meeting for the ceremony at Makaluapuna Point. It’s beautiful. It’s epic. And since it was a weekday and took a small degree of effort to get to, was relatively less crowded compared to other spots that popped up as options. We met the officiant in the parking lot and literally got maybe 10 yards down the beach before a local surfer pointed to the clear, sunny sky and said, “skies’ll open up in about a minute.” I thanked him for the warning and internally hoped he was way wrong.

He wasn’t.

The rain came out of nowhere, dumping gallons on us as we raced back to the car. The officiant didn’t seem too bothered and suggested we head to Baby Beach in Lahaina; so off we went! Yana and Jonathan and their elopement at Baby Beach was incredible. I mean… seriously, I totally underestimated how gorgeous this island is. After the conch shell blew and their ceremony wrapped up, we roamed all around the coast taking photos until the sunlight left and the stars came out. Perfect freakin day.

If you’ve followed along with me on Instagram very long, you’re certainly no stranger to how often I seem to express my sincere gratitude for this job. It’s worth echoing again here. I’m just floored daily by the amazing humans and the amazing places I get to photograph. It’s something I don’t take for granted… all the more right now as I write this from COVID quarantine (remember that, dear reader from the future?)

…anyway. Enough rambling for tonight. Hit the play button and take a scroll though photos from one of my most favorite elopements. Forever thankful to you, Yana and Jonathan, for bringing me along.