February 29, 2020

Pacific Grove Wedding along the Asilomar Coast

I’ve been staring at these photos uploading for this post, rather awestruck by how intentional these two made their intimate Pacific Grove wedding along the Asilomar coast. First off… sunset – the fabled “golden hour” – is a time of day usually reserved for photos of couples in the awesome soft glow that the last light of the day yields. Trip and Lizzie decided to have their ceremony at that time instead. And ohhhhhh muhhhh gerrdddd… the light… I think it’s one of the most incredible ceremonies I’ve ever been able to photograph because of the sunset alone.

But it’s not just about the light.

They wanted their wedding to be a celebration for them alongside their closest people. They all flew out to California, drove a couple hours to this house along the shore, and stayed together under one roof. It was about family. It was about celebrating together and reminding each other that in the cacophony of chaos that can sometimes be everyday life – this group has you. They were with you all along the journey and they’ll be with you the rest of the way as well.

I was there for a mere hour of their lifelong story to take photos and make sure this special time wasn’t forgotten.

Also, a much needed thank you to the officiant, Soaring Starkey, whose caring words and authenticity helped make Trip and Lizzie’s ceremony absolutely incredible.

Here’s a song for you to hangout with while you scroll your way south.