May 28, 2020

Small Big Sur Wedding at Pfeiffer Beach

Continuing on with the latest series of posting elopement-ish weddings to give couples who have had their wedding affected by Covid some ideas for smaller gatherings, tonight I’m posting one of my favorites from this last fall: Jonathan and Katie’s small Pfeiffer Beach wedding in Big Sur. Also sorry for that massive sentence.

I struggled figuring out which adjective to use for this post. Intimate… overused. Tiny… too infantilizing. Petite… too cute. Hmm… Ya know… how about just literal: small. It’s a small wedding. I feel like we – as in the collective wedding vendor community – have tried to dance around the use of “small” in describing weddings like these for some reason. The truth is, most big weddings are probably going to take the form of something much smaller for the foreseeable future. Gatherings of the tightest group of family and maybe a couple best friends. And that’s OK! That’s amazing actually. I’ve been photographing weddings like that here in Big Sur for years and I love them so damn much. They really draw the couple and their guests into the true spirit of what a wedding’s all about. Not that big weddings can’t do that too, it just more challenging and takes a bit more intent.

Anyway, enough rambling, back to the post.

These two got ready at Glen Oaks with their fam milling around the pretty little cabins. After roaming around the forest with them for their first look and some photos, we packed up and headed 10 minutes down Highway 1 to Pfeiffer Beach for their ceremony in the thickets that overlook the beach – just a small gathering, everyone standing in a circle around them, Johnathan’s dad officiating with his splendid British accent.

But then… we kept driving down the highway a little farther for sunset photos with their Aston Martin. NBD. MMMkkkk… One of the more rad ways to wrap up a wedding day.

Enjoy, fam!