May 13, 2021

Cooper House Wedding at Post Ranch Inn

Hey friends! I present to you all, Lucas and Echo and their Post Ranch elopement at Cooper House.

I’ve been photographing weddings at Post Ranch for TEN years now – Bonkers. I can’t believe time flew by so fast – And throughout that time, Post Ranch has continued to develop and grow. It’s one my favorite places to photograph couples in Big Sur for several reasons, but one worth singling out here, is that it’s always keeping itself interesting and new. Echo and Lucas’ Post Ranch elopement at the Cooper House is a great example. This house was just finished not too long ago, and is a brand new addition to Post. I was able to photograph the first wedding at this house last summer, and now that Covid is winding down in this part of the country, it’s so refreshing to be back here, witnessing weddings being held at this epic house again, after having sat empty throughout Covid and quarantine.

Anyway, thank you, Echo. Thank you, Lucas. You let me join you and your fam on one of your most special days, and for that I’m so grateful.

For everyone else, I hope you enjoy this highlight reel of their wedding. And for those of you wanting to see more, here’s the full gallery delivered to these two.