April 6, 2021

Cozy Post Ranch Wedding


I’ve decided to focus a bunch of my posting efforts toward weddings like Janice and Sun’s intimate Post Ranch wedding in Big Sur – small, intimate, with a handful of family and friends. Not a big wedding, but not an elopement, in the sense that it’s just me and the couple and an officiant. Instead, some synthesis of the two extremes. As couples begin cancelling or postponing their big celebrations, weddings will probably start taking the form of these.

Maybe these weddings will borrow some of the beats of a big wedding, like cake cutting and toasts, but distill them down to a scale that best suits a gathering this size. Others might be a simple ceremony followed by a simple dinner with loved ones. Some couples in this season of Covid who have just been hit with the reality of rescheduling have no idea where to start in putting something like this together. I’m really hoping these next several posts are helpful, to at least lend ideas and give those couples an idea of what a small wedding can look like.