June 4, 2020

Redwoods Elopement at Post Ranch Inn

Carl and Shauna are from Canada and their redwoods elopement at Post Ranch Inn was something a little special. I’m actually going to let Shauna tell the story…

“It wasn’t until after Carl and I had chosen to elope in Big Sur that my Dad told me that he and Mom had spent time driving down the California coast for their honeymoon in the 80s (with stops in Monterey, Carmel and Big Sur); what are the chances that we picked the same area for our elopement-moon! My Dad sent me these pics today of he and my Mom from their trip. Of course, we weren’t able to get as close to the Lone Cypress as they were able to back in the day, however as I reflect on our time spent in California, it is even more special to me knowing my parents’ history with the area. One of the main reasons we chose to elope was that my Mom would not be able to attend a wedding should I have it (she passed away December 2010), but things are seemingly coming full circle knowing that we essentially re-traced my parents’ footsteps without knowing. Pretty cool how things happen; one may say everything happens for a reason.”

The two snaps of Shauna’s parents’ honeymoon at the end of this post. …I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

Seriously though, I always hope you guys love scrolling through these as much as I loved taking them. I pour all I have into them.