September 23, 2019

Sawtooth Mountains Elopement at Redfish Lake

The 24 hours of Stryder and Brittani’s incredible Sawtooth Mountains elopement at Redfish Lake: I hopped on a plane at 6AM in San Francisco, landed in Boise three hours later, grabbed coffee, drove into the Sawtooth Mountains two hours away, met them at this GPS coordinate by a lake in the middle of nowhere, marriage happened, then we spent a magical hour in the woods taking photos… and then I reversed the entire trip and was home by 4AM to photograph a wedding back in California later that day. 

Best. Job. Ever. 

And I seriously mean that. Sometimes weddings are in other hemispheres and sometimes they’re five minutes from my house. All of them are special, which is why I don’t charge travel fees for weddings. If you want me where ever you’re getting married, I’m there. 

Just send me the GPS coordinates 🙂