April 29, 2024

Foggy Sea Ranch Elopement

Here we go fam: Katy and Jeren and their Sea Ranch elopement.

It’s bananas how this site, Instagram, the web in general connects people. For all its faults, it’s gifted me countless relationships. I mean, my entire life’s trajectory changed the moment Megan sent me that first DM.

I love wrapping up a wedding, sending off the photos, and reflecting back on how a couple and I were once strangers, totally unknown to one another, then with a simple inquiry plunged into a slice of life together.

It’s fun to look back on the initial inquiry that started it all. Some of these couples have such an impact on my life, I can’t picture what my life would look like without them in it.

What would their day look like had someone else photographed it? What would my life be like without this friendship in it?

The fragility of this collision isn’t lost on me.

Reflect on relationships you have and how delicate the strings that tugged you together were.

So here we are with Katy and Jeren and their sweet little elopement at Sea Ranch along the Mendocino coast. They wanted a wedding that was all their own – no frills, just intentionality. No obligation to social or familial conventions, just whatever made them happy.

If you’ve never been to Sea Ranch, it’s difficult to describe. The fog is magical in its regularity. The trees ancient. It’s quiet and still. There are a lot of places like this, but none exactly like it. It’s magic manifested into a location.

When they reached out and asked if I’d be willing to photograph it, my reply back couldn’t have been quicker. I’m so thankful to have been picked out of the masses by them to share this sweet slice of life. Thank you, internet, for whatever SEO sorcery was done to connect us.

And to the couple I don’t know yet but someday will, I’m already looking forward to that email.

Can’t wait to make magic with ya.

As always, this is just a handful of my favs. Feel free to check out the rest of their photos here.