January 1, 2022

Big Sur Elopement Guide // Big Sur Wedding Venues

Big Sur wedding venues

YOU MADE IT! Part 4 of 4 is here and we’re going to wrap up this Big Sur Elopement Guide with a quick chat about Big Sur wedding venues and good ceremony/reception combos for elopements with a few guests in attendance.

So just to recap, Part 1 is all about getting married in redwoods. There’ll be some duplicity here when I mention venues. Part 2 is about timing and weather. And Part 3 is all about eloping at Pfeiffer Beach.

Alrighty! I’m basically just going to rattle off a handful of venues for you to check out. Some are all inclusive and can house both the ceremony and reception, some are just good for the ceremony, and some just for a reception. And by reception, I mean a place for dinner, drinks, maybe some dancing, and they can host a handful of guests alongside their normal patrons, or the entire place can be booked out.

And keep in mind, it’s best to reach out to the actual place for details about pricing and policies since they can change seasonally.

This list isn’t by any means exhaustive, they’re just the ones I recommend and seem the most helpful/open to couples planning small weddings.

Ceremony Venues

Reception Venues

  • The Big Sur Roadhouse
  • Big Sur Bakery
  • Coast Big Sur

Both Ceremony and Reception Venues

  • Glen Oaks (and their restaurant, The Big Sur Roadhouse)
  • Deetjens
  • Post Ranch Inn
  • Henry Miller Library
  • Wind and Sea Estate
  • Paion Estate
  • Point 16
  • Coast Big Sur

And here are some common elopement location pairings couples often make

  • Glen Oaks ceremony, photos at Pfeiffer Beach, dinner at Big Sur Bakery.
  • Glen Oaks ceremony, reception at The Big Sur Roadhouse.
  • Deetjens ceremony followed by dinner at their restaurant.
  • Post Ranch Inn ceremony followed by dinner at their on-site restaurant, Sierra Mar.
  • Pfeiffer Beach ceremony, dinner at Big Sur Bakery.
  • Big Sur Grange ceremony, dinner at Big Sur Bakery.

And again, not by any means are these the only options, just the most common.

Hopefully this guide has been useful! It’s certainly been something I’ve wanted to do for ages and just now finally have the time. Definitely feel free to reach out with questions down in the comment box below!





Interested in your services and packages!

Wow! What a lengthy informative post! I am glad to read thru all 4 parts 🙂 got tons of ideas for an elopement in big sur. Thank you!! we got engaged in pfeiffer beach last june 2018 – it is such a special place for us.