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This day happens once. It’s full of details that you probably finished at the 11th hour, employed an army of family and friends to help with, and painstakingly mulled over months or even years beforehand. There are guests who come from all over, some you haven’t seen since childhood, all there for you. All together in one special place. And there are moments. Lots of them. They’re fleeting and pass by too quickly.

That’s where I come in.

When you let me photograph your wedding, you’re letting me preserve and share all those moments with your family, friends, and even future you, rekindling the emotion that existed. It’s an investment I never take for granted and hope you find worth making.

Let’s not limit your wedding to hours on a timeline. If you have a 6 AM yoga session that you want photographed, I’m there. If you have the taco guy coming at midnight, I’ll stay. This is a story that needs telling – and that’s why all packages come with unlimited time.

If you like what you see and want to say hello, reach out via the >>> contact <<< page to chat some more and receive a price book.

Thanks again for stopping by and enjoying my work. It means so much to me.

Talk to you soon.