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Big Sur Elopement GuideEloping in the Redwoodspart one of four

Eloping in the Redwoods
Eloping in the redwoods Finally, finally, finally… It’s nearly midnight on a Monday and I’ve sat down with a glass of Scotland’s finest whiskey to check a giant checkbox off my todo list. It’s been there, starting at me, for the better part of three years… and it only took a pandemic and subsequent quarantine to give me the time to tackle it. Here we are, fam: My[...]

Big Sur Elopement GuideBig Sur Elopement Weather and Timingpart two of four

Big Sur Elopement Weather and Timing
Big Sur Elopement Weather and Timing Welcome to Part 2 about Big Sur elopement weather and timing! If you haven’t yet checked out Part 1 about eloping in the redwoods, just know it's there for you whenever you need it! OK, let’s answer some questions I get about the best time of day/week/year to get married in Big Sur. Here’s the generalized answer to start us[...]

Big Sur Elopement GuideEloping at Pfeiffer Beachpart three of four

Eloping at Pfeiffer Beach
Eloping at Pfeiffer Beach Hey all! If you’ve been following along through Parts 1 and 2, welcome to Part 3 and gold medal for hanging in there. Tons of info isn’t it? It’s now 2AM and I’m on my second dram of whiskey. Let’s get after one of the most popular places to take photos around Big Sur: Pfeiffer Beach. Remember in Part 1 when I mentioned permits being [...]

Big Sur Elopement GuideBig Sur Wedding Venuespart four of four

Big Sur Wedding Venues
Big Sur wedding venues YOU MADE IT! Part 4 of 4 is here and we’re going to wrap up this Big Sur Elopement Guide with a quick chat about Big Sur wedding venues and good ceremony/reception combos for elopements with a few guests in attendance. So just to recap, Part 1 is all about getting married in redwoods. There’ll be some duplicity here when I mention venues[...]

tech review16-inch MacBook Pro vs 15-inch MacBook Profor photographers

16-inch MacBook Pro vs 15-inch MacBook Pro
THE 16-INCH MACBOOK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS Comparing the 2019 16-inch and 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro I've been using the 16-inch MacBook for three months, spending plenty of time running all my normal workflows, and spoiler, it's the best Mac I've ever owned. Is it worth upgrading to? Is the 16-inch MacBook for photographers? Let's unpack some workflow comparisons and [...]

tech reviewMacBook For Photographersfor photographers

MacBook For Photographers
THE MACBOOK FOR PHOTGRAPHERS Comparing the 2016 13" and 2018 15" MacBook Pro   All of my MacBook-buying life I’ve been a champion of the 13-inch model. The 15-inch was always a bit too bulky, and the MacBook Air and 12-inch models weren’t quite powerful enough to chug through editing thousands of photos per week.  Apple just updated it’s MacBook Pro lin[...]

The Horan FamilyIreland Is For FamilyDonegal, Ireland

I don’t normally photograph families but always make exceptions for couples I've photographed before. To me there's something poetic about photographing the journey of two people as they move through life together - from taking their engagement photos all the way to photographing their awesome family. Bob and Liddy's wedding was easily one of my most favorite. All [...]

6 Tips: Move From Part Time to Full Time Wedding Photographyfor photographers

6 Tips: Move From Part Time to Full Time Wedding Photography
MOVE FROM PART TIME TO FULL TIME WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Alrighty lads and lassies, let’s pow-wow about what you need to do to pull this off. I’m talking to you, Hobbyist Photographer. You, the weekend warrior who is getting close to that magic day when you quit your day job and start the hustle. Here's what you should know to move from part time to full time wedding p[...]

1099s for Wedding Photographers and Second Shootersfor photographers

1099s for Wedding Photographers and Second Shooters
1099s FOR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS You’ve probably heard of 1099s but have no idea what they are, why they exist, and who they're for. If you’re a wedding photographer who either seconds shoots for other photographers or if you hire second shooters, you’ll want to read this. Grab a beer and let’s chat about 1099s for wedding photographers. Just a quick heads up, we[...]