The Horan FamilyIreland Is For FamilyDonegal, Ireland

I don’t normally photograph families but always make exceptions for couples I’ve photographed before. To me there’s something poetic about photographing the journey of two people as they move through life together – from taking their engagement photos all the way to photographing their awesome family.

Bob and Liddy’s wedding was easily one of my most favorite. All their friends and family spending the weekend together on a lake in the Pennsylvania wilderness couldn’t be beat. ‘Twas perfect. Fast forward a year later and here I am standing on Irish soil photographing their family tromp around the land Bob’s mom used to call home. We managed to fit a shoot in between those infamously unpredictable Donegal storms. It was a day full of rain showers, fog, gorgeous mountains, nostalgia, and pints of delicious Irish beer.

Bob and Liddy, love you guys.