April 6, 2018

Japan – Day One – Arriving in Tokyo

Me and two friends are spending the next 8 days traveling in Japan. Follow along as I post each day, starting here with the first with us arriving in Tokyo. P.S. – For you fellow photographers who are wondering, everything is shot on a 5D4 with the Canon 40mm pancake lens. So far this mighty little lens has been perfect for traveling. Much recommend.

The trip started – as most do – in an airport. After flying 10 hours to Seoul and then another couple more to Tokyo, we hopped on the train that swept us into Shibuya station, right into one of the main downtown areas of Tokyo. We had a few hours before checking into the airbnb, so we sought out a little coffee shop and hung out there for a bit.

One of the things I was very much looking forward to was the coffee and food of Japan. It’s not widely known that Japan is responsible for bringing us most of the commonplace coffee making methods we see everywhere in America. Pour overs, Chemex, all those fancy ways of making coffee are imports from here. The coffee did not disappoint.

We’re heading out to the countryside for a week, leaving the crowds of the city and the omnipresent glow of lights behind.