April 10, 2018

Japan – Day Six – Kyoto

Me and two friends are spending the next 8 days in Japan. Follow along as I post each day, starting here with the first. Day six was spent traveling around Kyoto.

Day three traveling around Kyoto started with the now ritualistic walk to the station. The city felt fresh, new, warm even, with the sun cracking between skyscrapers. Commuters milled about making their way to work while we made our way to the forest. A bus took us about 30 minutes northeast to a small corner of Kyoto, near the outskirts where city transitions to wilderness. 

We found good coffee (not difficult), roamed through a bamboo forest, and attempted to bring home a live souvenir (difficult). This country is incredible and continues to offer up some incredible landscapes. 

The day ended with reading, a smidgen of work, more coffee, and rest. 

Tomorrow, Hiroshima and our last day in Kyoto.