April 13, 2018

Japan – Day Eight – Tokyo

Me and two friends are spending the next 8 days in Japan. Follow along as I post each day, starting here with the first. Day eight was spent traveling around Tokyo.

Today was a travel day back to Tokyo. There’s a lovely little coffee shop just down the street from our Kyoto airbnb that Tom and I stopped at on the way to the train station. Oh it shall be missed. If you’re even in Kyoto, Kurasu is the name of it.

I love so so so many things about this country, but if I could only take one thing back home and install it into America, it would hands down be the bullet trains. During this entire trip, they’ve allowed us to freely and quickly go the all over Japan, covering distances like LA to San Francisco in under 3 hours. We need them.

The rest of the day was spend doing pretty much nothing for a few hours. Reading, catching up on emails, reading. Finally we ventured out into the glow of the city and found a teeny tiny alleyway reminiscent of how Japan pre-war would’ve been like. Food stalls crowded together with entryways so low we had to duck. Menu? Meat and whiskey. All of them. Meat. Whiskey.

Heart thee, Japan.



Very nice picture..Keep up the good work!.