April 8, 2018

Japan – Day Four – Traveling to Kyoto

Me and two friends are spending the next 8 days in Japan. Follow along as I post each day, starting here with the first. Day four was spent traveling to Kyoto.

Today was a travel day and will probably be the smallest post for the trip. We woke up to a Hida soaked from the overnight rains and walked over to the train station; we took a longer route on the way to check out a few of the cherry blossoms that were blooming in town.

The cherry blossom season in Japan stretches from mid-March through the first week or two of April. The blooming moves south to north, and most of the places we’ve been so far have already had their season pass. It was pretty great catching a few of them before leaving and heading toward Kyoto where the blooms already happened.

We spent hours on the train, enough to make pretty decent dents in the books we were reading. I picked up a copy of Ready Player One for the trip and couldn’t be more hooked. This book is incredible.

We got to Kyoto later in the evening, with just enough time to get settled in to the new airbnb and find a place to eat in the geisha district.

Early bedtime tonight. Rising early tomorrow.