April 30, 2024

Ace Hotel Palm Springs Wedding

The story of shooting Pete and Melinda’s Ace Hotel Palm Springs wedding goes back a couple years. It begins with this incredibly awesome couple, Tim and Amy, who were filmmakers at a wedding I photographed a couple years ago. After a vendor meal together we really hit it off. Real salt of the earth people these two are.

They soon moved to Oaxaca, Mexico – because adventure – and a year or two passed by before hearing from them again through some equally awesome humans.

Queue Pete and Melinda – the equally awesome humans.

They told me about their friends Tim and Amy who sent them my way (infinitely grateful) and then Melinda shared her idea for an epic wedding in Palm Springs – a weekend away for all their friends and family in the middle of the desert. I was hooked.

I flew down and spent the day before the wedding following around their entourage; starting at the rehearsal and wrapping up with them hanging out at the Cabot Pueblo Museum. Shoutout to that desert light.

Wedding day was 100% the party I expected it to be. If spring break could somehow be combined with a super classy wedding, this was that. This is about the point where I stop rambling and refer you to the photos below.

Tim and Amy cameos below.

THANK YOU Pete and Melinda and Tim and Amy for being the best. Miss you all and your awesome friends. Huge high five to Seafoam Films for being a Grade-A human to work alongside.

Queue music and scroll away.



Dude! CRushed it! I love Ace and you really set the bad high for future weddings i might shoot there.