November 3, 2018

The Barns at Cooper Molera Wedding

Settle in lads and lassies, this is going to be a nice long post. I promise I tried my hardest, but this Barns at Cooper Molera wedding was way too hard to pare down. Casey and Katie really killed it with this one.

So, OK where to begin… first off, this venue is brand-spankin’ new and OMG is it just the best thing ever. They took this derelict, old and abandoned property and made a purpose-built wedding venue out of it, right in the center of downtown Monterey. I’m a huge fan of restoring and remodeling old places, just check out my IG stories and you’ll know what I mean. Currently in the middle of a beastly remodel of a little 1948 home and loving every minute of it, but also can’t wait for it to be done. Anyway, I digress… The venue is incredible. They managed to modernize where needed but keep the charm that makes this place feel like you’re in a bit of history. If you’re looking for a rad place to get married in Monterey, definitely add this to the shortlist of places to visit.

This was a November wedding, and along with it, came one of the most incredible days weather-wise Monterey had ever seen. The sunset was equally awesome. Never seen such a pretty sky before. You’ll want to scroll down a bunch for those photos. Casey and Katie really made a ton of effort to make this wedding as guest-centered as possible. They wanted time for themselves, but also time to hangout with friends and spend time with people who seldom gather in a single place at the same time like this.

Nailed it. This was a wedding for the books.

Hit play and scroll down for way too many photos of this awesome day.

Venue: The Barns at Cooper Molera; Band: The Class 


Hi brandon,
i am looking for a reception photographer for our marriage celebration on sept 14th. we would only need a photographer to capture candid moments and photos of family from 6pm-9pm as our event time must end at 10pm at seventh and dolores restaurant in downtown carmel. please let me know if you are available and what the price would be! thanks!