March 5, 2016

Woodsy Big Sur River Inn Wedding

Rain fell and fell all day long.

I don’t think any couple actually wants rain on their wedding day – I know these two didn’t. The morning of their wedding I woke up and my heart sunk when I saw that the storm whipping through Big Sur the day before didn’t go away overnight. Would they be upset? What can I possibly say or do to make this day better for them? I had an idea of how I wanted to photograph their Big Sur River Inn wedding, having gone and scouted the venue the week prior. I had the spots picked for family photos, wedding party photos, etc., but all that planning washed away with the rain. I arrived that morning prepared to deal with a sobbing and stressed out Allison.

I. Could. Not. Be. More. Wrong.

She and Trevor were seemingly un-phased by it all. The fact that they had to move their ceremony indoors 20 minutes before it was supposed to begin didn’t seem to matter. They were focused on the things that did matter: their family who came from all over to see them; their friends who supported their relationship from the Day One – and they themselves. They were focused on one another and this incredible adventure they were hours away from embarking on together.

And all that was planned before changed in an unexpectedly perfect way.

Shouts to Josh Harney for making an incredible wedding film, and to Thistle Be Floral for making Allison’s epic bouquet, flower crown, and all other floral goodness.

Favorite band on deck. Hit play and scroll.