February 26, 2022

Brave and Maiden Estate Wedding

The countdown to Chad and Kim’s Brave and Maiden Estate wedding involved a ton of patience on my part. I couldn’t wait to finally meet these two. I couldn’t wait to check out this new venue dropped right in the middle of the Santa Barbara wine country. Every year I have a handful of weddings I’m hyper stoked about, and this was one of them.

Chad and Kim, you two are incredible humans who are raising a super beautiful life for your family. Thank you x1,000,000 for letting me photograph you guys and your amazing day.

BTW, this vendor team is A+ amazing. Check them you: Video by Josh Harney, planning and design by Michaela Caul at Engaged and Inspired, flowers by Ella & Louie and live music by Brett Hunter.

And as always, if you want to see all the photos delivered to Chad and Kim in addition to this highlight reel, check them out here.