March 28, 2020

Bridge House Wedding at Glen Oaks Big Sur

A year ago – Robert and Megan’s Bridge House wedding fell on one of the first days of Covid shutdowns. It was sort of the season where I didn’t know what to do as a photographer… like… do I go? How serious is this? Some couples are cancelling, others are pressing on. Am I a jerk if I say we have to postpone?

It was the eeriest drive down to Big Sur. The beach that’s normally swamped was deserted, save for one errant dog-walker and lone surfer. What an apocalyptic time that was. I’ll never forget it.

It’s remarkable what a set photos can do though to shape one’s memory. You’d never guess the true state of the world from these.

I think about this a lot as a photographer. In a way, whatever I choose to take a photo of, with the passing of enough time, is the bulk of what people remember from their wedding day.

To fellow photographers, remember that responsibility and don’t take it lightly. Talking to myself here too. The epic mountaintop photos matter, but even more importantly, all the little in-betweens that are the quickest to forget, or heck, even go unnoticed altogether.

Jeez, OK, Brandon’s stream-of-thought post is now complete.

Going back to enjoying an evening whiskey.

Hope you love these photos as much as I do.

And in the continued interest of transparency, here’s a link to all of the photos delivered to Megan and Robert, minus a handful they chose to keep private.