April 3, 2016

Carmel Valley Wedding at Los Laureles Lodge

MMMMMmmmm, this part where I write about the couple and their wedding is always the most intimidating step of posting on the site. In the past it often meant not posting at all. But in an effort to be better at internet-ing, one of my goals this year is to finally begin working through the backlogs of weddings I’ve photographed but haven’t yet posted. When I popped open Michael and Sophie’s Lightroom catalog and began rifling through photos to post, I got hit with this massive dose of thankfulness. Of course I love shooting weddings for a living – it’s the best – but an unexpected benefit that comes along with this job is the humbling privilege of meeting such amazing people. These two are those people. With that said, here’s Michael and Sophie’s Carmel Valley wedding at Los Laureles Lodge.

Clicky play and flick downward.

Oh, Michael’s a fellow woodworker. A power tool may or may not make a cameo appearance down below.

Carry on.