March 23, 2019

Carmel Valley Wedding at Gardener Ranch

Seth and Lexi’s Carmel Valley wedding at Gardener Ranch began with a beer and an awkward story. I met them months before their wedding at Alvarado Street Brewery – pause – if you’re visiting, please go here and have a beer because OMG it’s a life changer – OK… continue… we met for a beer and I could tell that maybe there was some relief when we began chatting and they figured out that I’m a normal person. The meeting/hangout went on and after a while they looked at each other, laughed, and explained to me that they were a little hesitant meeting with me because even though I came highly referred by a friend of theirs – they checked out my website and were a little confused by what they saw.

You see, Brandon Scott is by no means an original name. Many people of this vast internet have that name employed in a variety of ways. Do a quick google search and you’ll see for yourself. Anyway, there exists a Brandon Scott Humphrey who lives at a web URL very close in resemblance to my own: Over the years, Brandon Humphrey and I have gotten to know each other and what an awesome human he is. Such a nice guy. Not a wedding photographer though and his website corroborates that. Anyway, Lexi and Seth ran across his website instead of mine, and were really thrown off by the occasionally-dropped F-bomb and nightlife-themed photos, but trusted their friend’s recommendation and took the meeting with me anyway.

Many lols later, here are some of Seth and Lexi’s wedding photos.

Hit play and scroll.

DJ // Mark Banks Cake // Layers


These are gorgeous! Love your work!

Absolutely gorgeous! So confident that we made the right choice in choosing YOU to capture our most special day! We cannot wait!

Brandon, these are stunning! Chris and I are so excited to have you photograph our wedding in November. We are counting down the days!

Awww yay! I’m stoked too!! Heading to Bixby Bridge today for a wedding actually…seems like F O R E V E R ago since your engagement shoot there.