March 8, 2021

Winter Carmel Mission & Clement Monterey Wedding

These two and their winter Clement Monterey wedding was the yank out of off-season hibernation I needed. That downtime, between the last wedding before Christmas and the first of late winter, tends to be a time to gather thoughts, focus on work that’s been neglected for several months, like updating the website, assessing workflow, etc… but assessing workflow isn’t quite as life-giving as photographing people. Believe it or not. What a breath of fresh air it was to get back into the rhythm of weddings – and what an awesome band of humans to start the year with. 

They started their day at the Clement Intercontinental Hotel on Cannery Row, made the pilgrimage to Carmel Mission for their ceremony, then bookended their epic day back at the Clement and partied late into the night. Photos included below to prove it. 

A quick note before turning you loose on the photos – Jose. Devinn. You two are some of the kindest and most thoughtful humans this earth has to offer. It’s obvious in the grace you extend one another and the intent you put into the relationships around you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for letting me spend the day with you.

Hope you enjoy scrolling through them as much I did taking them.