February 11, 2022

Coast Big Sur Wedding

Dan and Amy’s COAST Big Sur wedding was a day I was looking forward to all year long. I met Dan and Amy at their engagement shoot in Glen Oaks a couple years ago and left feeling like I just got done hanging out with friends I’d know forever. These were my people – and I couldn’t wait to hangout with them again.

Queue their wedding, delayed because of Covid just like everyone’s, and it was absolutely epic.

They got married in October, which around Big Sur, is basically what the rest of the world refers to as ‘summer’. It’s warm and clear during the day, moody and misty during the evening. Just perfect wedding weather. And it was at this new venue called COAST (yes, all caps) Big Sur. There aren’t a ton of venues I low-key obsess over, but this was one of them. And finally I got to photograph a wedding there. Amazing.

The photos will do a lot of the storytelling for me, so feel free to start your journey south.

Oh, but before you do, check out this crew of vendors that made this day amazing.

Venue: COAST Big Sur; Florals by Mary’s Blooming House; Cake by Tiffany Mann.

And as always, here’s a link to all the photos delivered to these two in case you can’t get enough of this highlight reel.