August 13, 2016

Summertime Wedding In The Russian River Valley

Bill and Ritu’s Dawn Ranch wedding was bedecked with all sorts of awesome. As if the venue alone wasn’t enough to make this one of my favorite weddings, all the traditional Indian wedding details were there. Including the horse. Anytime someone is riding an animal at a wedding, that’s basically an automatic win.

Dawn Ranch is surrounded by the tiny forest town of Guerneville (…no, autocorrect, not Greenville…) and totally gives off that nostalgic summer camp/retreat vibe. All their guests stayed in the little cabins on the ranch for the entire weekend. I’m really stoked about that trend couples have been embracing. The idea of the weekend-away wedding is great. It’s not for every wedding (or every budget), but when it works out, it creates a really unique community surrounding the wedding day itself. Guests from all chapters of life, all cozied up and partying for a few days. So rad.

Bill, Ritu. You two have all thanks from me for letting me photograph your weekend. Your friends and family made me feel like one of the crew. I’ll never forget it.

Thanks for letting me keep the horse too.

(they didn’t, but I’m not upset)

All the love to Kristen at So Eventful for crafting together such an epic wedding weekend.


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