March 14, 2024

Loma Vista Gardens Wedding // Big Sur

I have some thoughts about Dave and Theo’s Loma Vista Garden wedding and overall weddings in general. Settle in for a sec.

So we dipped out at dinnertime to grab a quick handful of photos in soft glowy light (worth the scroll to the bottom of this post to see those, promise). And while we were tucked away there in that beautiful of garden, I remember everything just slowing down for a sec.

Here we are, the last light of their wedding day… this day that has had such a gravitational pull on their calendars for such a long time. And there I was, just witnessing how genuinely happy these two were. I’ve seen happy humans, but this was the kind of happy you felt DEEP in the soul. An upswell of joy they couldn’t keep to themselves.

I don’t know… I guess I was just thinking that there are so many ways a wedding day could take a turn toward disaster. Whenever you involve humans and their inherent fallibility, there’s always a chance something along the way comes crashing down. It could be something as small as a cake getting smudged by grubby little toddler hands, all the way up to something as big as the dress ripping or florals not getting delivered to the right venue (yes, all have happened).

Not a single wedding goes exactly to plan, and perhaps expecting it will is to set expectations so high that you’re guaranteed to welcome disappointment.

So back to Theo and Dave in the garden – I assume things surely weren’t perfect during their wedding day, but whatever happened in all the hours beforehand didn’t matter there. They were in that perfect little place experiencing a joy that most humans could only dream of ever experiencing for themselves.

They did it. They got to the twilight of their wedding day with full hearts.

My genuine hope for every single couple I photograph is that they get to the end of their wedding feeling this feeling. I’ll do my part to help them get there, and hopefully photograph it well enough that they not only feel those feels on their wedding day, but also every day they look at those photos.

OK that’s a wrap on my ramblings.

Thanks for being here.

Love you all.

Venue: Loma Vista Gardens // Planning: Lia Adams Events // Catering: Wylder Space // Rentals: Chic // Florist: Dearly Floral // DJ: Dart Collective

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