January 29, 2020

Wedding in the Redwoods of Laughing Canyon

Let’s kick this off by giving a huge hug to James and Alyssa for picking Laughing Canyon as their wedding venue. I remember our first meeting with each other (over coffee at Captain + Stoker, obviously), sitting across the table as they were describing it from their venue tour the weekend before, beyond stoked over the idea of this magic land full of cabins, overgrown ferns, fire pits, and the presence of actual silence. It’s remote in all the best ways: No cell service, no light pollution (remember what stars are??), and no noise other than wind high-fiving tree tops way up high.

If you’re a couple looking at getting married in the redwoods, put this place way way at the top. OK… end of shameless plug. On to the real reason for posting this…

First of all, I need all of the internet to know the creative force that is Alyssa. She’s a dress designer and MADE HER OWN DRESS. Yeah. She did that. And it looks incredible. Second, these two laugh a lot with each other and it’s the most adorable thing in the world. They’re actual best friends and one of those couples that restores faith in the goodness of this world. I love them for that. And lastly, their friends and fam are some of the kindest people I’ve met. I’m just a wedding vendor to them, but they made me feel like one of their oldest friends.

OK, so, quick highlight reel before letting you loose on these photos below. There are cabins, whiskey, a bride-made dress, suit color that’s on point, a taco truck, late-night paella, tons of dancing, and deep feels. If you like those things, you’ll love their wedding.

Hit play and scroll forth.

Planner: LJ Oneto of Lux & Jasper // Venue: Laughing Canyon // Dress: Alyssa Dahl Designs // Food Truck: Bruxo Food Truck // DJ: All Ears DJ // Floral: Bonny Doon Garden Co.