February 14, 2022

Mission Ranch Carmel Wedding

Alex and Allison… these lovely humans… Their Mission Ranch Carmel wedding was planned for summer 2020, but then a little something called Covid squashed that plan. Like so many couples, they were forced to switch lanes and figure out a plan B.

They called me up and said hey… we have to postpone the party part of our wedding to 2021 but we still want to get married. And we want you there. Here’s the thing… we packed everything up and are driving around the country in a camper van we built. Can we call you when we’re grounded for a couple weeks and meet up?

This was an obvious ‘yes’ from me. More on that elopement here. Small tease – we ended up in upstate New York in the middle of the woods.

…so they were happily hitched in the summer of 2020 and here we finally are in 2021, at Mission Ranch for the party part of their wedding.

All their fam and friends flew in for the best time at one of the most adorbs venues. More Mission Ranch Carmel weddings please. Amazing weekend it was.

And as always, here’s a link to all the photos delivered to these two in case you can’t get enough of this highlight reel.