September 10, 2017

Intimate Wedding at Monterey’s Old Whaling Station

Weddings are meant for two things. First, getting married because you love each other a ridiculous amount and want to be with each other forever. Check. And second, to gather all your fam and friends from around the world and prove it. Reece and Giordana’s small, intimate Old Whaling Station wedding in downtown Monterey was exactly that. They both live in Australia, as do most of their people, and nothing could’ve been better than the moments I’d close my eyes and just soak up that awesome Aussie accent drifting in the air. I could listen to them talk about anything for hours.

Anyway… I digress…

Their wedding was sweet, intimate – just a small gathering of those closest – and focused on all the right things. Proof in the photos below.

And as always, for those interested in checking out all the photos delivered from their wedding, feel free to click here and check them out. I leave out a lot of groupings and family photos from blog posts like these but you can find them all in that link there.

Cheers to you all. Be sure to click that play button before you scroll.