October 22, 2016

Elegant Pebble Beach Wedding

I met Wills and Kendal at a coffee shop in San Francisco… can’t exactly remember which (Wills or Kendal if you read this and remember chime in below haha)… but it was one of those meetings I walked away from thinking, “Did I just make friends or clients?” Fast forward to their wedding day and it became obvious that these two make friends with whomever they meet because they’re just that kind and genuine. After meeting their family, it was clear where their authenticity and selfless personality came from. It’s a rarity to meet a couple like them, let alone meet an entire wedding full.

Wills and Kendal’s Pebble Beach wedding was effortless elegant. I don’t know if that’s an official way to describe a wedding, but the feeling I got was it was as perfectly appointed as it was chill and relaxed. It was a wedding I didn’t want to leave and I wish would’ve kept going for days and days.

Thank you a million times over for letting me grab coffee with you, hang out with your favorite people, and take pretty photos of you in the woods. I’m posting this pretty close to your anniversary… so happy that too 🙂

Heart you two.

Here’s a smattering of photos to help everyone else feel like they were there. Click play. Scroll.

Planning by Engaged and Inspired // floral by Burst and Bloom.



What a beautiful wedding! Absolutely love your work, Brandon. Do you know if this venue still accommodates weddings? I would love to inquire if you have the info or can forward to me 🙂 Thank you

Aww thanks! I believe they do. Let me ask the bride real quick. Can you shoot me an email so I can follow up with you there?

The coffee shop is Beacon, and we remember it as warmly as you do! You were such a huge part of our day and truly captured the whole feel of our wedding so beautifully. Our little jaunt in the woods was just magical. We cannot thank you enough.

Wills & Kendal
Congrats on upcoming anniversary!

Amazing wedding for the lovely couple..

Love uncle Dick