October 20, 2018

Fall Wedding at the Presidio Yacht Club

Annnnddd… this is the part I struggle with the most… What words can I write that add to the story of Bryan and Caitlin’s Presidio Yacht Club wedding… It’s paralyzing sometimes, and truth be told, the main hinderance to posting more than I do. So, ya know what? Today I’ll let the photos do the heavy lifting. 

In short, they wanted the ceremony to be an intimate gathering of their inner circle. Their crew. Their fam. They gathered on a bluff that overlooked the San Francisco Bay, just the dozen of them, some wind, some waves, and the Golden Gate Bridge as witnesses. 

Afterward, the party dropped at the Presidio Yacht Club, where all their friends joined. And on the celebration went until the wee-est hours of the night. 

Bryan and Caitlin, when I look at the small little gathering you guys put together to lend an ear to your vows, I know I wasn’t in the official count, but it was nonetheless a privilege to be there with you all, snapping these photos so you can relive this awesome day.