June 10, 2017

Summer Ranch Wedding

Oh yeah… this is the part I dread… the paragraph I cobble together before each post where I try to do what the photos do better. For nearly every wedding that makes it to the site, I always find myself asking, “How do I even begin with this one?” In short, Nate and Brynne knew exactly how they wanted to put together their wedding if they could do it any way they wanted, so they did just that. Their ranch wedding was perfect. They married in a little field on top of a hill with their friends and family circling them. The sun shone by day and the stars by night. Nothing more to say that the photos won’t. I’m going to let the pictures take over and give it to you.

Josh Harney was the filmmaker, Kendalyn the coordinator, Bianca and Katie for the cosmetics and hair, and Bethany at Forage Vintage Rentals for all the pretty things.