March 19, 2020

Fall Wedding at The Molera Barns in Monterey

Daniel comes from a family of farmers in the Salinas Valley. It’s home. Always has been. Chelsea and Daniel took that and ran with it. Homegrown pumpkins outnumbered guests 2:1, a decades-old truck from Daniel’s farm greeted folks as they walked up, and the barns stood by to tie everything together. I think it’s pretty special when couples find a way to bring part of their heritage to their wedding day like these two did. Their wedding at The Barns in Monterey this fall was incredible.

I’m so thankful I got to be apart of it.

If you guys are interested in checking out the engagement shoot we did earlier in the year at one of his family’s fields, you won’t be upset about it. Sweet peas were in bloom and were pretty much the best thing ever. I’ll drop a link here as soon as they’re up later this week.

Venue: The Barns at Cooper Molera

Play this little ditty and enjoy the photos.