May 21, 2016

Elegant Villa Montalvo Wedding

It was drizzling all morning – off and on – unpredictable enough to bring the ceremony indoors. Most couples would’ve been in a bit of a twist over the last minute change. Not these two. They had their sights set on the bigger picture. The forest before the trees. No matter what happened this day, at the end of it, they’ll be married. All else gave way to that. Andy and Bri’s Villa Montalvo wedding was amazing. It was elegant, classy, but authentic and real all the same.

Two episodes replay in my heart whenever I flick through these photos. My favorite perhaps was the sight of all their guests – the people they love and call dearest – all gathered in a circle outside showering both of them
with affirmation. That’s a wedding right there. All these people here for them.

Oh and the second… the moment during the ceremony when the sun cracked through and sent those clouds on their way. Yeah. That was amazing.

Scroll and enjoy, friends. Scroll and enjoy.