Bob & LiddyWedding in the Poconos at Camp OnekaTafton, Pennsylvania

When I opened Bob and Liddy’s email asking if I’d be interested in heading out to Pennsylvania to photograph their wedding in the Poconos, after first making sure I didn’t soil myself with excitement, responded with a much subdued HECK. YES.

From the very beginning, I felt like I had known them forever. Old friends. Part of the tribe. A year passed between their inquiry email and the day I finally got to meet them IRL.

I had just ended a pretty horrible series of flights and layovers, a few hours of driving much later into the night than I expected, and hungry – by the time my flight landed all Chik-fil-A’s were closed. I pulled into the camp – which, to my delight, is very much in the middle of nowhere, hours outside of Philadelphia – to find Bob, arms wide open coming in for a hug. There are few memories in the ol’ Mind Palace that are still hanging in there, but that one I’ll never forget. It was like seeing an old college bud I hadn’t seen in years. Familiar but new. He walked me to the campfire he and Liddy and all their guests were hanging around, drinking beers and enjoying life beside without cell service. He showed me my bunk and encouraged me to join the gang when I’m all settled in.

Obviously I did, and obviously I brought along a camera. And that’s where the photos begin.

Their wedding at Camp Oneka was straight out of my imagination. Cabins, forest, lakeside, no cell service, all day hanging with your closest friends and fam. Their wedding day began with a morning yoga session, crispy air and all, and continued on with that pace and cadence. A summer storm swept through in the afternoon and turned this already whimsical place into a dream.

OK, OK, normally rain would ruin a wedding day. But I really feel like it added here. Not only were Bob and Liddy and all their people ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about it, we got to move the ceremony inside this amazing Wes Anderson-esque hall, take photos with umbrellas, and slosh around the mud in golf carts. It was perfect.

I’m sipping on an IPA while writing this and just realized how long it’s gotten. Though I could write on and on about how amazing this wedding was, I’ll wrap it up here with this. Bob. Liddy. You guys will never know how much it means to me that you let me photograph your wedding. It was truly a memory I’ll hold on to for the rest of my life.

Love you guys.

EDIT: The story of Bob and Liddy goes on, this time in Ireland…