March 31, 2017

Whimsical Marin Headlands Wedding

I think a lot of people assume that because I’m a wedding photographer, I surely must spend my weekends in small midwest churches and local banquet halls – the way weddings were when our parent’s were growing up. I wish they could see sorts of places wedding are held at now. This being one of them. Kelly and Jon’s Marin Headlands wedding was held at a former military base that was converted into the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. A space I like to think is the type of wedding venue Anthropologie would dream up if given the opportunity.

I’ve photographed weddings in converted farms, warehouses, shipyards, backyards, campgrounds, sugar mills, and dozens more I’m probably forgetting. But this one, being a huge fan of history as a kid, has to be one of my favorites. The Headlands Center for the Arts hits this perfect balance of making you feel like it’s old tenants simply got up and left, leaving behind phones, signs and lights, but also being polished up and modernized in all the right ways. It didn’t lose the patina of age and use, yet having a wedding here feels like the reason it was made in the first place. It’s incredible.

Congrats Jon and Kelly! I’ll always be grateful for letting me photograph your wedding.

Massive high-fives to Lisa at And Something Blue for styling and coordinating everything. Holy smokes you have no idea how much easier you make my job. THANK YOU.

OK. This is the part where you scroll and see what I’m talking about for yourself. Maybe click play to get the mood just right.